About Us

Opera News is a completely personalised news app that lets you follow trending topics, stay on top of the latest football developments, watch and share entertainment videos, and keep current with local and global news, all in one app.

As of 1 September 2019, Opera News is now the most popular news app in the world!

In the second quarter of 2019, Opera News was used by 163 million people around the world, which means the userbase has grown 61% since the same period last year.

The app uses a mix of editorial teams and AI to deliver a wide variety of the most relevant world and local news at a glance to any person with an Android or Apple phone.

It is available both as a standalone app and as a news service in many of Opera’s phone and computer browsers.

With an average monthly user base throughout the second quarter of this year of 163 million people Opera News is quickly becoming the world’s most used news application.

By comparison, Apple reported to have 85 million unique users of their Apple News service in January 2019.

On its first year in the market, Opera News became the most downloaded news app in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa. Its popularity increased during the 2018 football World Cup with millions of users demanding more content and online videos.

This demand led Opera News to add Instaclips, a feature that allows people to upload, share and watch entertaining videos from the web.

Opera News, the best news app, is available in most markets for download on your iOS or Android phone. Find it on Google Play and the Apple app store.