Mourinho labels Spurs star ‘f**ing lazy’ during team meeting

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR midfielder Dele Alli has been labelled as “f**cking lazy” by boss Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese addressed this to Alli during a first-team meeting address, which was shown as part of an Amazon documentary focusing on the club.

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The all-new Amazon ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur’ gives a fascinating insight into how Mourinho operates on a day-to-day basis along with his interactions with his players. As seen at the end of the episode, Mourinho is depicted going through tactics ahead of his first game in charge against West Ham United, before singling out England midfielder Alli in a comical fashion.

José Mourinho Delivers Fitness Update on Dele Alli Ahead of FA Cup Replay  Against Southampton | 90min
It has been revealed Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho has called his midfielder Dele Alli “f**cking lazy” (Image: sourced).

This is after Mourinho takes issue with the former MK Dons midfielder for not being quick enough with his decision-making. Mourinho said: “Fast ball, fast ball and in the space. Okay, I understood already, where’s Dele? I understood already that you are a f***ing lazy guy in training.”

Alli, who had already been called “f***ing lazy” by his new manager in training, responded with a wry smile. “I told already Dele very directly [sic] that he doesn’t train well; he is not a good trainer,” Mourinho revealed during the chat in his office. “I am not saying a disaster, but I am not saying Harry Kane … Harry Kane is a very good trainer.

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Alli has been an integral part of the Spurs cog for a good while now (Image: sourced).

“Sir Alex Ferguson gave me only one bit of advice in two and a half years: Buy Dele Alli. ‘That guy, with that mentality, the way he plays, the aggression he has in mind. This guy is the Manchester United player. Buy Dele Alli’.