How To Make Your Videos Go Viral on Opera News

A good video needs to bring users unique value, allowing users to quickly consume and make instant emotional reactions immediately. So, your video needs to include one or more of the following quality factors: High quality, Focus, Attractive People, Good Background Music. Please pay extra attention to the above points when preparing and recording your video.

Grab attention in the first 7-seconds

For the video length, if the video is longer than 1 minute, please ensure that the viewer’s interest is attracted within the first 7 seconds, so that the user is willing to watch the whole video. Most of the videos with better user feedback on our platform are between 15s – 4mins.

Pick Catchy Titles

The title is an important way for viewers to quickly understand the video content. Sometimes the same video with different titles can bring completely different engagement results.

Our post supports 300 characters maximum, and you can add some symbols or emojis in it. Some feedback from our users show that 60 characters is the best, which is no less than 5 words, no more than 20 words, and in a suitable range between 12-15 words.

Share Your Videos

Also, if you want to get more likes and comments for your video, please share your videos by clicking on the “share” button on the bottom right corner to other platforms, such as WhatsApp group, and your Facebook page.

Our Video Review and Rejection Guidelines

All uploaded videos will be reviewed immediately following the guidelines of our platforms.

If you have uploaded a video, it will show “Reviewing”, which means it’s only available to you. After the video is passed, it will be shown to the public. If your video does not qualify, the status of “reviewing” will change to “reject”.

Please note that we currently do not send notifications explaining why your video is rejected but below are some of the most common reasons your submitted video may be rejected.

*Clickbait – This means the title of your video does not match your content.

*Low quality – This means either the sound or picture of your video is not good enough.

*Vulgar & Erotic – This means your video contains content that may be considered sexually offensive or assaults the senses.

*Blood, violence, drugs – This means your videos contain content many users may find triggering in a negative way.

*Improper religion, ethnicity – This means your video contains information that offends the religious or ethnic identities of other users.

*Child issue – This means your video contains offensive content relating to a child or minor.

*Improper political – This means your video contains political content that is biased and may trigger viewers in a negative way.

*Intimidation & abuse – This means your video contains content that promotes or glorifies harassment or abuse.

*Exposing personal information – This means your video contains content that unwittingly reveals the personal information of a real person without consent and may put them in harm’s way.

*Unverified or rumoured information – This means your video contains content that poses as facts but cannot be verified to be true or correct.

*NSFW/NSFL – This means your video contains content that is either too sensitive to view in public or too dangerous to promote because it may endanger people’s life.

*Single image, or image collection video – This means your video is a collage of images or simply features an image with background music. We currently do not accept these kinds of submissions.

*Advertising videos – This means video feature content that is intentionally promoting a person or product.

*Causing Discomfort – This means your video contains elements that may induce fear, disgust or anxiety in people.

About Payment and Version Upgrade

Please note Opera does NOT pay for video content at the moment. However, you can upload quality videos on the app freely, get attention and grow your followers & reputations.

If you want to get a higher reputation, you need to get more likes. The total likes and dislikes on your videos determine the reputation you get. More reputation, more famous!

If you have not upgraded your Opera News app to the latest version 7.5, you can download it quickly in here:

If you are using the link above, it’s better for you to remove the old version of Opera News on your device before you install the new version from the link.

Download our latest 7.5 version quickly in here:

How to Upload Videos Easily On Opera News (vers. 7.5):