Neymar in hot water over anti-gay comments!

Paris Saint-Germain star forward Neymar finds himself in trouble after a Brazilian gay rights activist has filed a criminal complaint against him for homophobia.

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Reports suggest the 28-year-old referred to his mother’s boyfriend using an anti-gay slur in comments leaked to the media. After the complaint against him was filed, the Sao Paulo prosecutor’s office confirmed it must now examine to decide whether to open a case against the Brazil star, AFP reported. When approached, Neymar’s communications team declined to comment.

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Neymar is the subject of controversy after reportedly making anti-gay comments (Image: Sourced).

Neymar, along with a group of his friends, is said to have made the egregious comments in a private conversation on a gaming site and could see “criminal homophobia, hate speech and death threats” being brought against them. In the said audio, Neymar can be heard using slurs against his mother’s new boyfriend, Tiago Ramos, as he and his friends discuss a supposed fight between the couple.

The 22-year-old Ramos, and Neymar’s mother, who is 52, announced in April they were dating. Brazil’s tabloid press was soon running lurid stories about Ramos, a model who is openly bisexual. One of the star’s friends can also be heard saying that they should assault Ramos with a broomstick in the anus.