WATCH: The moment Zidane bagged the worst corner kick in history

Zinedine Zidane is anything but synonymous with taking what is the worst attempt at a corner kick in football history. Now a decorated coach, the 1998 World Cup winner may not want to remember his dreadfully taken corner from back in the 90s when he donned a Juventus shirt and spotted a semblance hair, but such a moment exists.

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At the time, the former French midfielder turned Real Madrid coach had tried to catch the opposition out with a clever short corner routine. But instead of finding his man with the simplest of passes, Zidane knocked the ball out of play for a goal-kick for the opposition. A video of that moment recently surfaced on Twitter and is enough to make the most refined football connoisseur cringe.

Known for his vision, ball control and technique, the 47-year-old served up an array of iconic moments during a trophy-laden, 17-year career in professional football. Among a treasure trove of these are the goal in the Champions League final against Bayer Leverkusen, when he wrapped his left-foot around a cross and leathered it into the top corner, and that orgasmic first touch against Denmark at Euro 2000, where he made Thomas Helveg look plain silly.

It’s fair to say Zidane produced time and time again for the likes of Real Madrid and Juventus but even the very best can get it wrong sometimes. However, before this, Spain’s Iago Aspas was credited with the worst corner in Premier League history. His dreadful effort to find a teammate on the edge of the box during the 2013/14 season infamously led to Willian putting the final nail in the coffin at Anfield, and ultimately, ended their dreams for another title.