Which footballer’s lockdown haircut looks the weirdest?

Social media was abuzz with talk of the hilarious haircuts being spotted by some of our favourite soccer stars. Incidentally, the Liverpool pair of Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino were not spared as tweeps took, if anything, an aim at their bizarre lockdown looks.

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But with many of Europe’s biggest teams returning to training, the dishevelled appearances of a good portion of these players (laughing out loud), leaves a lot to be desired. And while the likes of Anthony Martial, Ander Herrera and Morgan Schneiderlin had already made headlines for embracing baldness, could we now be in for a new kind of normal in choice of hairstyles?

After seeing all of the weird (and wonderful) haircuts being spotted by our favourite soccer stars, Sadio Mané must be taking the crown as it stands (Image: Football WTF/ Twitter).

The trend began with Ashley Young on Monday who, upon being snapped at Inter Milan training, had football fans bamboozled as he had seemingly ditched his iconic bald head for the first time in years. Then there was N’Golo Kante, who was caught completely off-guard when he took to the pitch at Cobham with a head of hair. He too had clearly severed his allegiance to the bald squad.

But, wait for it! All of this just happened to be the calm before the storm as, Liverpool’s camp drew the social media crowd to their training ground on Wednesday afternoon, courtesy of one Mané and Firmino. Their trims, or lack thereof, quickly became the talk of the town. The Reds uploaded photographs from their training session at Melwood to Twitter and supporters obliged in taking huge notice.

Ashley Young had football fans bamboozled as he seemingly ditched his iconic bald head for the first time in years (Image: Sourced).

It remains to be seen if the half-pitch hairline currently gracing the head of the Senegalese maestro stays on for a time or is quickly done away with once teams stride out for competitive action in June, as is expected after the Premier League declared its intention to have the season up and running by this time. Firmino, on the other hand, was compared to a young Ross Geller from the popular NBC sitcom of yesteryear, Friends.

Alisson Becker and Naby Keita were also subjected to the humorous nature of the topical powwow, with the latter taking his place alongside Young and Kante in spotting a baldy. But whatever it is, fans the world over would have been made to forget about their problems for just a second longer by these brilliant footballers, whose skills on the pitch, will always transcend any bizarre haircut that captures the headlines.

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