Do you want to write for Opera News? Now you can!

Opera News South Africa has launched a new writing platform, that gives everybody their own voice – and you can be a part of it.

Called Opera News Hub, it functions as an interactive platform which welcomes users to participate in the creation of news content. Trained journalists as well as ordinary citizens can sign up to the platform to produce and publish exclusive content to the Opera News app – and then get paid for it!

To maintain quality, all news will be reviewed and verified before making its way to the Opera News app where readers will access it across the continent.

Writers who sign up for Opera News Hub will be paid for their work through a click-rate system. Once it reaches a certain threshold, content creators will be rewarded according to how well their articles do.

Everybody is invited

Professional writers, journalist and bloggers will also be given the opportunity to sign exclusive content agreements with Opera News, committing to produce exceptional content for a fixed monthly fee.

The initiative was previously launched in Nigeria and has been hailed as a big success. Currently Nigeria has about 17 000 writers producing around 10 000 articles for the app every week.

So far Opera News has 163 million monthly active users in Africa and the Opera News app is the number one news and video app in Africa. Opera News is also the world’s most downloaded news app.

Sign up today

Opera News users may view a wide variety of content published by Opera News Hub creators, they can also follow and subscribe to specific channels or creators.

If you would like to participate in South Africa’s Opera News Hub, all you have to do is go to the signup page, complete your details, and start writing.

So what are you waiting? If you get to the clicking and writing, we’ll do the paying!