Toyota Aygo is here to stay despite other manufacturers ditching entry-level cars – report

Some car manufacturers are ditching the entry-level car segment for crossovers, SUVs, autonomous cars and electrified cars.

However, a new rumour suggests that the Toyota Aygo is here to stay.

The company’s city car, the Aygo, is a strong seller for the Japanese automaker, and one the company has invested serious equity, according to Matt Harrison, executive vice-president of Toyota Europe, who spoke with Autocar about the model’s future.

According to Harrison, Toyota is selling 100,000 Aygos a year, and the company sees the potential for the model as others abandon the segment. Harrison told Autocar that Toyota sees “an opportunity to go further, not pull back.” While the next-generation Aygo is still a few years away, it sounds like Toyota already has plans for the tiny runabout.

When the third-generation Aygo debuts, which likely won’t happen until 2021 or 2022, it could forgo a traditional small-car body style. Instead, it could adopt crossover-like styling cues such as a raised suspension and plastic cladding to give the appearance that it’s more capable than it is. However, one area that could prove challenging for the future Aygo is fitting an electric powertrain into the car’s bite-sized footprint.