Inside Joburg’s exclusive sex club

The city of Joburg is a city of many things from money to fancy cars and pretty women.

Deep in the heart of Wynberg, Johannesburg lies an elite sex club called Fetish Heave SA that’s pretty fetish with all your fantasies fulfilled.

With all the kinky activities that happen at Fetish Heaven SA, which prides itself in a more private and elite clientele says it’s divided into two sections: vanillas and non-vanillas.

Mistress Cleo.

Vanillas is for the clients that opt for more conventional, plain sex and non-vanillas is the more kinky, BDSM or fetishistic kind of sexual pleasure.

Mistress Cleo, owner of Fetish Heaven SA says a huge range of people come to fulfil their desires.

“I get CEOs who want to be humiliated,” says Mistress Cleo.

“People think that BDSM is only about beatings and pain. It’s also about feeling sensual. You see, there’s something missing in our modern-day relationships and I think that it’s seduction,” Mistress Cleo continues.