Don’t booze and drive this festive season

Hello, December is the soundtrack right now as some people are already on holiday or are on their last day at work for the year gearing up in excitement for the holidays.

Since there will be a lot of partying and travelling going on, it’s also great to advise responsible drinking and individuals being sober on the roads.

According to the Road Accident Fund, there are 14 000 road-related deaths every year and 60% of those are from drinking and driving.

With South Africa being one of the highest countries that consume alcohol, the Department of Transport urges South Africans to be vigilant and sober on the roads.

“Road accidents cost the South African economy R140 billion each year in insurance, lost employment, healthcare costs, and Road Accident Fund pay-outs, but this doesn’t factor in the hundreds of victims who are left incapacitated or unable to care for their families and the many others who are impacted in any number of soul-destroying ways, including being incarcerated for one bad decision,” says Mark Robinson, SPAR Group Liquor Manager.

Remember that your life is more important than a few glasses of booze.