Bassie responds to Zozi backlash: “She has broken the mould and re-written history”

After enduring a barrage of criticism for her demeanour during her 2018 interview with current Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi back in 2018, former beauty queen Basetsana Kumalo has responded to the hate.

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“I am very disappointed by the response my interview with Zozibini Tunzi on Afternoon Express has been generating. During the interview, I was tasked with pushing the Presenter Search on 3 contestants out of their comfort zone, as is the nature of the show and see how quickly they think on their feet and think when they’re under pressure.

“We, as the interviewees, were briefed to put the finalist through their paces and that’s exactly what I did with Zozi.”

“Signing up to be part of the reality show, the hopefuls know that they are going to be pushed and challenged and essentially grow into seasoned presenters because of the experience.

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“Seeing Zozibini wear the well-deserved Miss Universe crown is a moment we all should be celebrating and applauding. Zozi has redefined the ideals of beauty in pageantry, has broken the mould and re-written history. She has affirmed that black children’s dreams are valid. 

“I am a huge supporter of Zozi and have nothing but praise for the woman she is and all she has achieved. It would be wonderful if as a country we could allow her to shine instead of trying to fuel negative stories,” she explained.