Cardi B plans to have a kids clothing line

Former reality star turned rapper Cardi B is planning to create a kids clothing line and wants her 17 month old daughter Kulture Kiari to be the CEO of the clothing line.

The “Money” and “Bodak Yellow” rapper told Vogue Magazine that her daughter should take the reigns.

Cardi B on the cover of Vogue with Kulture K

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“And the CEO is over there. Right, Kulture? I’m busting my a** right now so you could have a good car when you’re 18, so you can go to school and have an apartment that I could pay for,” said Cardi B.

Cardi B just wants her daughter to be a woman in charge… a boss.

“If my daughter wants to go to college, that’s okay, but I just want her to be an owner of whatever the f**k she wants to own. Just be an owner. Be the boss,” Cardi B continued.

Loving fashion, Cardi B says she loves dressing her daughter and treats her fashion as almost like “dressing a doll”.

“It’s been my new hobby lately. When I shop, I usually put the outfits on my bed and spread them out and say this would look good with this type of coat, and now I’m not even doing it as much. I’m just doing it with her stuff, and I’m just waiting for these fur coats to come in. I’m going to be styling, but yeah it’s so fun. It’s like dressing a doll all over again.”