Thabo Mbeki pays tribute to Ben Turok

Former President Thabo Mbeki has shared a glowing tribute to late ANC veteran Professor Ben Turok. Mbeki says Turok was an outstanding South African and African who dedicated more than seven decades of his life to the fight against Apartheid, the eradication of its legacy and the building of the new democracy.

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“A formidable mind, Prof Turok was also an exemplary member of our democratic parliament for over two decades, living an indelible mark worthy of emulation by current and future representatives of the people,” adds Mbeki.

Turok, who was born to Jewish parents in Lithuania emigrated to South Africa was a vocal critic of former President Jacob Zuma and often spoke openly on leadership failures within the party. He also chaired parliament’s ethics committee in the fourth parliament.

“As our country continues to grapple with what are truly immense challenges, we are saddened by the fact that we will no longer enjoy the privilege of drawing on Prof Turok‚Äôs wisdom, guidance, and vigilance.”

Turok died in his sleep at his Cape Town home yesterday morning. He was 92.