Ivory park left under water following floods

Shacks were left under water in Ivory Park following a series of rains that have been taking place since the month started.

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The informal settlement is situated in the middle of Ivory Park Extention 2 in Midrand.

While some people might have found an alternative, some were left stranded.

Umzekelo Community Development Organisation, a Non-Governmental Organisation asked the public to help people living in the area which include “very young kids and elderly” people.


The organisation said a person “can help by donating old clothes, food, shoes or even building material for them to rebuild their shacks”.

One thought on “Ivory park left under water following floods

  1. Some times black people are paranoid last year and early this year metro was busy disallowing people to build sharks next to that River but the Eff encouraged them to build on that side of the river where is eff now to help their comrades……don’t be political pupert think of your life as much as they are making a living ….. I am just feeling sorry for the little kids that are born by irresponsible parents

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