Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford’s lesbian love affair

Known as the greatest musician of all time, Whitney Houston has created numerous hits that we still sing along to this day from “I will always love you” to “I wanna dance with somebody”, Ms Houston has won the most Grammy’s.

Now rumours are circulating that she and her old-time friend, Robyn Crawford allegedly had a romantic relationship.

In Robyn Crawford’s book “A song for you: My life with Whitney Houston” she tells intimate details about her and Whitney’s longtime friendship and relationship.

Robyn Crawfords book “A song for you: My life with Whitney Houston”

The book chronicles the life of Crawford and how the singer and how they confided in each other, how they were as thick as thieves. The book also talks about how she had to deal with different personalities that entered Whitney Houston’s life which some of them were somewhat destructive.

The two met as teenagers in New Jersey and instantly hit it off. The two allegedly shared their first kiss weeks later according to Crawford in her book.

Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston.

“You could tell Whitney and I were tight,” Crawford writes.

“It wasn’t all about our sleeping together. We could be naked. We could be bare and didn’t have to hide. We could trust each other with our secrets, our feelings, and who we were. We were friends. We were lovers. We were everything to each other. We weren’t falling in love. We just were. We had each other. We were one: That’s how it felt,” said Crawford in her book.

In the book, however, Crawford said they never mentioned labels regarding their relationship.