Don’t mess with LootLove’s man

Be warned: don’t mess with LootLove’s man. The queen of clapbacks slammed a tweep for coming at her man, Reason.

A Twitter user threw shade at the rapper’s music since publicly dating his baby mama.

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“From the day Reason came out official to start dating LootLove, I don’t know if I’m paranoid or what, but his music doesn’t impress me any more. He was on my top five,” the user wrote.

Questioning the fan’s maturity, Loot gave him a couple of reasons why they might not like her baby daddy’s music anymore, which have nothing to do with their relationship.

“In your grown age, you’re telling me you haven’t figured out that it’s possible to outgrow or just simply not like the music an artist makes?” she responded.

Basically keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to Hip and Hop’s parents.