When will we refer to electric vehicles simply as ‘cars’?

As mobile phones became necessities rather than spendy novelties, the devices were no longer specified as revolutionary “cell” phones or “mobile” phones: instead, the handsets became standard phones.

So, when can we expect the same transition to happen with electric cars?

Research conducted by Go Ultra Low in the UK suggests the shift will happen in just over 10 years.

Slowly but surely, EVs are becoming more accessible to the typical driver both in terms of affordability and the number of segment and design choices.

As emission standards become stricter around the world, not only are electric cars becoming more popular to those who are environmentally conscious, but combustion engine alternatives are also becoming essential to automobile manufacturers for company profitability.

At what point will EVs become the norm and their petrol-powered counterparts become the anomaly?

According to a survey conducted with 2,000 UK adults by Go Ultra Low, a joint government and car industry campaign, “two-thirds of consumers expect ‘electric cars’ to be referred to as ‘cars’ by 2030.”

In fact, this shift could come sooner as the people surveyed on average believed only 15 electric-power vehicles are on the market when there are 51 options – Go Ultra Low stated that that number is expected to double over the next year.