Craziest ways to get out of a first date

First dates are hard, and not to mention awkward at times, the boring small talk questions and debate about the weather along with complimenting someone’s outfit… What an awkward bore.

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Getting into the worst dates can be a drag and not to mention, disastrous. Here are funny and crazy excuses people make when trying to get out of the first date.

My dog/cat is sick excuse

This is the most common and quite obvious excuse that people make. As though the other person might know that it’s a lie, you probably couldn’t care because the date is just awful that it just can’t go on.

The “I double booked myself” excuse

Let’s face it, people are busy and have things to do particularly in regards to work. Saying to your date you double-booked yourself can make you leave the date faster than you got there. Try it and you’ll see.

“It’s that time of the month” excuse

Women will use this card forever and no questions will be asked. The”I’m on my period” excuse works every time. Sometimes it’s lovely being a girl on dates.

The deep emergency phonecall

Most of us have done this. That friend on standby waiting to call when we give them a signal so we can pick up the phone and make some dramatic excuse of an emergency is the cream of the crop.