Is our justice system failing woman?

South African women have shown concern over the rising number of female deaths in the country.

This comes after the killing of several women during the course of this year.

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When Precious Ramabulana was killed, police took hours to arrive at the scene, which left unanswered questions on the efficiency of the South African police service.

However, people are not more worried about the timing of the police but the sentences handed to people who kill women.

Last month, Uyinene Mrwetyana’s killer was sentenced to three life terms after he pleaded guilty to raping and killing the UCT student earlier this year.

In another incident, 28-year-old Kgaugelo Tshawane was allegedly burnt alive in her Mini Cooper by her boyfriend who reportedly abused her for years.

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South Africans have again blamed the justice system for making our jails so comfortable.

“In South Africa, you rape, kill and burn a woman then go to jail, when you get there you eat healthily, Watch TV, Attend classes and get educated, come out continue as nothing happened,” a Twitter user wrote.

The fourth victim is an 18-year-old Gomolemo Legae who was stabbed 25 times by a 19-year-old teenager who later returned to burn her with petrol.