‘Dead’ pastor resurrected with ‘enough money’

A pastor made headlines after he apparently died during service and “refused” to resurrect until his congregants met his conditions.

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The first condition was that the followers make their tithes and offerings on top of his dead body. The second condition being that he would not resurrect unless enough money had been offered.

In a video that has since gone viral, the pastor can be seen lying on the pulpit while a lady was inviting fellow congregants to come and resurrect the man of God by giving out enough money.

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After a few seconds, after the congregants had probably given thousands to him, the pastor then made a slight movement to indicate life but still remained dead to indicate there was more money needed.

One facebook user wrote “What’s really frustrating in the simple fact that we have to be manipulated in order to give. How many sermons has this pastor given that people used to advance their lives. Yet at the same time failed to give back… do not hate the player.. hate the game”