‘The EFF will have a mayor in one of the two metros by next week’

This was a statement made by deputy resident of the EFF, Floyd Shivambu addressing the media last week.

Shivambu shares that the EFF might capitalize on the troubles facing their opposition. He says that the DA and the ANC agree that they cannot run both metros without the involvement of the EFF.

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His statement follows the airing of the audiotape that implicated Tshwane mayor Stevens Makgalapa and his co-accused in a sex dilemma that could lead to both accused losing their jobs.

One could only wonder if the EFF had planned this for a while now, but in reality, we can only make out that the EFF are opportunists acting on the sad situation Stevens Makgalapa found himself in.

The more one thinks about the situation the more you can actually feel that a city run by the Eff is a high possibility, considering how both the City of Johannesburg as well as Tshwane are sitting without a mayor, this following the sex in the city scandal as well as the resignation of Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba.