South Africa’s top-performing brands of 2019

Plus 94 Research in partnership with business reports in an Independent Online report announced South Africa’s best-performing brands that did well this year and have received numerous awards for their good work.

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Coco-Cola being the first to be announced as a top performer, followed by clicks and Makro.

According to the report, Sifiso Falala, chief executive of black-founded and black-owned research agency Plus 94 Research, which conducted face-to-face in-home interviews with 2793 respondents as part of the sample for the reputational survey, said the reputation measure employed was comparable to reputation measures that are used in the US, UK and other parts of the world.

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“Reputation is very important. In fact, the one thing that you have as a business, which you can compare directly with any other business regardless of who they are is in the same industry as your industry or in a different industry to yours is your reputation. People expect you to do certain things and not to do other things, so it becomes a necessary facet of what your company is all about. As a country, we have a reputation, as an industry we have a reputation”, said Fela.

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South African brands that are doing well play a role in making employees feel valued and also benefit the image of the country, its reputation and most importantly the economy of the country.

It is also good for the country to transform in a business or economy way. This in turn boosts jobs opportunities in the country and stabilises the employment rate in the country.