Maimane set to step down as DA leader

Mmusi Maimane will officially step down as a leader of the Democratic Alliance(DA) this afternoon.

Maimane’s expected resignation comes as a result of the electoral report handed to the Federal council over the weekend.

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Maimane’s expected resignation as a party leader comes just a few days after Herman Mashaba also announced his resignation as a member of the party and also mayor of Johannesburg.

Maimane, led the party since 2015 and saw it grow a black voting block across the country.

It is reported that the Federal council asked Maimane to step down this morning in its meeting.

The electoral report findings recommended that Maimane should be asked to step aside.

Maimane’s expectant resignation, however, will be seen by many as his way of refusing to lead a party that is still stuck on the race issue.

Herman Mashaba resigned as a member of the DA

Maimane has on many occasions spoken about the issue of white privilege and the need to also place race in all debates surrounding the country’s socio-economic conditions.

However, some white liberals in the party found Maimane’s transformation and diversity agenda going against the party’s traditional principles of not seeing race.

Maimane’s recall was always on the cards after the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) called for him to make way for a white leader.

The win of Zille over the weekend as an executive chairperson was seen by many as a win for IRR, which is reported to have massive influence in the party.

It remains to be seen whether Maimane will also resign as a party member.