Is ‘Ifalakhe’ a ‘Shaka Zulu’ remake? – we love it

This coming Sunday, Mzansi Magic will premiere one of their most anticipated drama series – a story of raging kingdoms, power struggle and deception.

Created by Stained Glass Productions the same production company that’s responsible for SABC1’s most popular show ‘Uzalo’.

 ‘Ifalakhe’ which can be loosely translated to ‘inheritance’ is a story of the powerful Okuhle tribe who wage war against the Khanya people who have been raiding their cattle and killing their women and children.

The storyline of this beautiful drama series set in the precolonial of Southern Africa gets more intense when the Okuhle King led by Khombindlela, played by Bheki Sbiya, who has a prophecy which could change the fate of the Okuhle tribe lingering over his shoulder’s.

“This prophecy not only threatens his lineage of the rule of his true heir but also gives him an unnerving task of ensuring it does not come to fruition,” says Stained Production director Mmamitse Thibedi.

An excited Mmamitse also revealed to Daily Worthing how hard they have worked to create this intriguing and captivating drama series.

“We’ve worked hard to create an intricate, intriguing plot that highlights the adverse effect of multiple twisted agendas and manipulation of power from the kings themselves and also from characters such as the king’s wives – who have their own selfish ambitions,” she said.

The cast includes Gugu Zuma-Ncube (who is part of the production team), Bheki Sibiya, Bheki Ngcobo (Ihashi Elimhlophe), Chris Radebe and Sthandwa Nzuza.

This 13-part drama series will air on Mzansi Magic channel 161 from 6 October.