Pearl Modiadie: “I have never been offered drugs”

The entertainment industry is well known drug infested industry, but not for TV and radio personality Pearl Modiadie, who claims she has never been exposed to drugs.

On Sunday, the amount of drug use in the entertainment industry became the number one talked about topic on twitter after Uzalo actor Simphiwe Majozi told Sunday Sun that he often gets offered drugs by promoters at gigs he is booked at.

The radio co-host took to twitter to share her sentiments that in the 13 years that she has been in the entertainment industry she has never been offered drugs, nor has seen anyone take them, and went on further and asked, “Or is it because I live in my own bubble?”.

Soon after Pearl shared the tweet, TV personality and singer Khaya Mthethwa also replied to the post and confessed that a few of his industry friends, whom he did not name, have offered him drugs.