Back to business for Metrobus

Five day Metrobus strike that left over 40 000 commuters stranded is officially over. 

According to a statement by the bus services on Friday, the Labour court ruled in favor of the Metrobus forcing Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union (Demawusa) to put a halt to its strike. 

Around 300 Metrobus staffers affiliated with Demawusa resorted to not working on Monday over pay. They were demanding to be paid according to their experience and how long they have worked for the bus service with Demawusa also demanding offices in three different depots.

On Wednesday, Metrobus sough for an urgent inderdict to halt the strike while on Thursday, Demawusa and Metrobus were set to meet at the CCMA in a bid to reach common ground.

However, a “speedy refferal” of the strike to the Labour Court by Metrobus saw the costly strike reach a halt on Friday.

The bus service passed its apologies to its commuters for any inconveniences caused by the strike.