Pearl Modiadie makes it clear she doesn’t smoke weed

Pearl Modiadie is one of the celebrities who hardly clapback but whenever they do they do it in a mature manner. And yet again that is what she did after being accused of being on marijuana/ “baked”.

A social media influencer, Nkuli Masemola, met the beautiful presenter and the pair decided to take a picture sharing it on social media the influencer said: “I met pearl modiadie and the good sis looked BAKED.”

Pearl quickly responded to the post and calmly explain why she looked “baked”.

“It was good to meet you, I love your style and good vibe. FYI : My one eye is far sighted + the other is short sighted. My prescription glasses balance them out so they don’t strain & I should wear them more often but I don’t so yeah, I look baked on most days.”

Nkuli apologetically responded to the TV and radio personality: “I’m sorry about that sis, I hope this didn’t come across as insensitive. it was lovely meeting you too”.