Bob Mabena on calling Lira ugly

An attempt by a tweep of creating a feud between singer Lira and radio host Bob Mabena was an epic fail.

During an Interview on Kaya FM about being the first African woman to have a doll made after her and being part of the SHERO campaign, Lira had the following to say:

“Never in my lifetime did I imagine this would happen. There was a bit of disbelief when I was chosen to be honoured in this way and I thought it was a prank!”

A tweep twitted: “I’m happy 4 miss Lira cause Bob Mabena when still working 4 Kaya said Lira was the ugliest musician and look at what is happening now. Bob Mabena is a hater.”

Bob quickly responded to the tweet disagreeing with the statement of the tweep.