Sygnia CEO sets the record straight on CR17 campaign donation

Investment management company Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka says its Independent Non-Executive Director Andre Crawford-Brunt made a donation towards the CR17 presidential campaign in his personal capacity.

“As a corporation, no donations were made. Individuals made donations to President Ramaphosa’s campaign in their personal capacity. Sygnia does not make any political donations to parties or candidates,” she said.

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Sygnia is not the first company to distance itself from the campaign that secured Ramaphosa the presidential seat. On Monday, Absa rubbished claims that they too coughed out millions towards the campaign.

“As a policy, Absa does not make donations to political parties or politicians,” the banking group said in a statement.

Wierzycka took to Twitter to defend some of the donors amid the media and public backlash.