Tweeps respond to AKA’s Tweet on Sexism…

AKA’s pledge to stay off of social media was short lived and for those who enjoyed the silence-maybe you should take the vow of non-verbal communication on social media because the SupaMega has something on his mind.

Last night the SupaMega was in his feelings about the social inequalities that he feels women can get away with but men can’t.

This may have come come to light for the Mzansi rapper, when US muso Chris Brown, released a new track that ignited a debate and saw the muso get dragged for singing that he likes “black bit*** with nice hair”.

Self proclaimed King, Forbes came out to ask why it is unacceptable for women to talk about their partner preferences in dating (tall or short etc), but according him (and those who agree with him) men who voice their preferences when it comes to women-its an issue.

This tweet generated more than 5000 retweets and 14k likes. The people of Mzansi were flooding AKA’s socials with a lot of their own thoughts and opinions on the subject.

Tweeps respond: