Ramaphosa strongly believes that America is jealous of Huawei!

President Cyril Ramaphosa made a very brave statement in defence of Chinese telecoms company Huawei at a conference focussing on the 4th Industrial Revolution on Friday.

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The president opened the inaugural 4th Industrial Revolution SA – Digital Economy Summit in the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Before ending the address, Ramaphosa focused on the Trade war that has been going on between China and the United States.

“The United States has been unable to imagine a better future which goes beyond 4 plus 1G, where they have been unable to imagine what 5G can offer, and where now clearly they are jealous,” said Ramaphosa.

“They are jealous that a Chinese company called Huawei has outstripped them. And because they have been outstripped they must now punish that one company and use it as a pawn in the fight that they have with China.”

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Ramaphosa spoke of a letter he claims he received from South African telecoms companies to say the war between the two countries is hurting SA.

He said the telecoms companies told him: “We want to go to 5G and only this company Huawei can lead us to 5G and the United States is now punishing them. We have to say we support the company that is going to take our country and indeed the world to better technologies and this is 5G […] because we cannot afford to have our own economy held back.

“It is important that even as there is a trade war, or whatever, it should not spill over to disabling various countries in the world and various peoples in the world […] we want 5G and we know where we can get 5G,” Ramaphosa added.

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