Pastor’s wife bad pics leaks from ex-Ben 10’s phone she had an affair with

The Mopac Ministries International is suffering humiliation as a church after the pastor’s wife’s pictures leaked on social media after she allegedly sent them to her ex-lover.

The pictures of Priscilla Mudzidzwa Nedi have been making rounds on Social media for the past week following a break-up with her lover only known as Ngoni.

In one of these humiliating pictures, she is reportedly putting on a nightdress and is holding her breasts.

Mudzidzwa is married to Pastor Reward Nedi, who is not only a pastor but is also an officer with the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services based at Whawha Prison Complex.

It is alleged that the pictures were leaked by Ngoni, who is allegedly Mrs Nedi’s “Ben 10”  who is apparently still angry following the break-up.

Mudzidzwa reportedly declined to comment on the matter but her husband called reporters to allegedly comment on her behalf.

“I know my wife had an extramarital affair with a certain guy from Mkoba 7 and it is true that I discovered the affair. We talked about the issue as a couple and as a family and we have since reconciled,” he said.

The pastor also expressed his commitment towards his wife saying that this will not make him leave his wife.

“I have known that issue for a long time now (extramarital affair) and what is the motive behind publishing that story because it will never make any difference between me and my wife. It is really a sensitive matter, that’s why she could not comment but instead asked me to do so, on her behalf,” he said.

Ngoni confirmed that he was angry that Mrs Nedi ended the affair because he loved her.

“But I didn’t circulate those pictures she sent to me. My phone must have been stolen and gotten into the wrong hands. Please don’t publish the story,” he said.

Source: ZIMetro News