Packaging plays an important role for fresh produce

One of South Africa’s biggest supermarket ”Pick n Pay” recently opened up about the trail project they are working on which includes 13 stores nationwide.

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The project is about changing their way of packaging food for customers, they have come up with the new idea from pre-packaged food to loose products.

The reason they have came up with the idea is the fact that it is reusable, you can even wash it before using it again.

The bags are gaining importance as these bags are 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable and at the same time environment friendly and pose less threat to wildlife.

Usually the bags are used for fruits and vegetables, you can buy them with the lowest amount of R7,50 and they last longer than plastic bags.

This new project also include the plan of reducing plastic waste.

This is good news for the environment. But now a solution needs to be found on how to get the groceries from the supermarket, to the Cupboard at home.

Netting bags are awesome alternatives since they are super handy and can carry a lot.

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Consumers are given the advise to be more aware of their plastic use, and they must refuse if given the plastic bag.