Hendrick Ekstein unveiled at new club!

Former Kaizer Chiefs star Pule Ekstein was on Friday afternoon unveiled by Azerbaijan Premier League outfit Sabah FC after penning a two-year deal.

Former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder lands overseas deal

The 28-year-old reflected on his move to his new home, saying that he is delighted to have achieved a childhood dream of playing abroad.

“I’m happy that I’ve found my new home, even though it won’t be the same like it was in South Africa, but I’m happy that I came this side. I’m here to learn and know how things work on this side. It’s a dream for each and every player to come to Europe, because as a young boy you dream of playing overseas,” Ekstein was quoted as saying by KickOff.com

“So, because I’m here now, I’m happy and I’m not here just to add numbers but I’m here to work hard. I hope to do more for the team, and let’s hope that I’m not going to come back [home] early. But, knowing myself, I will work hard – more than I did at Kaizer Chiefs,” he adds.

Pule Ekstein at the airport on June 26 2019.

“But, ja. It’s one of those things where you have to stand your ground and work hard.”

When asked if language would be a barrier since the predominent language spoken in Azerbaijan is Azebaijani, also commonly referred to as Azeri, which is similar to modern Turkish,the attacker admits he will have to try and adapt accordingly.

“Eish, I’m not sure yet but I’ve heard some of them [teammates] speaking English, so I’m going to speak English to them. I will try and learn the local language, because I can’t only speak English. They’ll have to teach me how to speak their language,” he concludes.

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