Ways to stay happy, and healthy during your period using food.

If you struggle with monthly PMS symptoms, period irregularities, or just plain dread your period, you’ll want to eat an anti-inflammatory, fiber-rich diet with tons of colorful veggies and other nutrient-dense foods, which will help balance hormones and reduce your symptoms.

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1. Prioritize iron and B-vitamins.

If you have heavy and/or long periods, I often incorporate iron-rich foods along with foods rich in B12, B6, and folate in higher amounts.

All women require these nutrients to build blood and need to be eating them during their period. Some of my favourite foods that contain both of these nutrients are grass-fed, organic meat, leafy greens, and avocado.

2. Load up on omega-3s.

Eating omega-3-rich foods such as cold water fish (think: salmon, sardines, anchovies), walnuts, and hemp seeds provide you with anti-inflammatory support that can improve your mood, while also reducing period cramps.

3. Think: fiber-rich veggies.

Aim for at least half your plate with fiber-rich vegetables at each meal to ensure you’re getting plenty of estrogen-eliminating fiber and nutrients to fuel your system. Give leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables a lot of love. Avoid too many starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, squash, and peas.

4. Get plenty of magnesium.

Incorporate magnesium-rich foods such as Brazil nuts, spinach, and cashews before and during your period can help reduce cramps, improve sleep, and make you feel a whole lot more chill.

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5. Don’t skip meals.

For the majority of women, I recommend breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your period. While I love intermittent fasting, you want to stabilize blood sugar and your hormones. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re hungry, you lose energy, and you grab a quick carb-laden snack that causes blood sugar dysregulation (and thus, exacerbates period problems).