LG’s $42 000 monster TV goes on sale this week

How big is too big? Well… when it comes to televisions, many people believe that there is no such thing as “too big”.

Taking that sentiment to heart, Korean electronics maker LG announced the world’s first 8K OLED TV some time ago. Those models are now going on sale this week for an eye-watering $42 000.

If you have $34 000 to blow right now however, you can reserve your television this month at the reduced price – and LG will even throw in a free air purifier.

According to The Verge, “the 88Z9 has an 88-inch OLED panel with 8K Ultra HD resolution (7680 x 4320) — that’s four times more pixels than 4K.”

But even if you manage to get your hands on the 88Z9, you will have almost nothing to watch on it. With 8K movie files clocking in around 16TB each, the content it needs to operate in its full glory is few and far between.

Naturally LG is well aware of this, so to get around that small hiccup, the company uses its second-generation Alpha 9 8K processor to upscale 4K content through deep learning algorithms.

According to the company, it “will also use deep learning to generate virtual 5.1 surround sound with support for Dolby Atmos.”