John Legends’ daughter isn’t very impressed his his singing

Award winning musician John Legend has confessed he still hasn’t convinced his three-year-old daughter Luna that he’s a good singer.

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Despite collecting lifetime achievements in his career, with hit tracks like ‘All of Me’ and having been an EGOT award winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) – the star came out with it that his daughter isn’t a big fan of his vocal skills.

Speaking about his goals for his performance at the Sesame Street Workshop’s 50th Anniversary Benefit Gala in New York City on Wednesday, he said: “Maybe I can prove to Luna that I’m a good singer. She’s skeptical still.”

Although the youngster isn’t impressed with her father’s talents as a singer, it seems she’s already been picking up a sense of humour from her mother Chrissy Teigen.

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John previously said: “She really is [funny]. She’s got a lot of Chrissy’s personality. She even knows she’s funny already. She plays for laughs sometimes, which is hilarious.

“She does all kinds of funny things, just telling stories and she’s in that phase where she’s role playing everything and she has Godzilla toys and girly dolls and everything in between. She’s acting out scenes all the time. She’s very entertaining.”

The couple also shared 12-month-old son Miles, and Chrissy has described their home as “controlled chaos” despite relishing the disorganised nature of her family life.

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She shared: “We’ve always liked that kind of controlled chaos. I think it’s fun. I think when you hear both of them blabber at the same time or Luna talking and him screaming, and you don’t know if it’s a cry or if he’s talking, I like that, I think it’s fun, it reminds me of being on set.

“Like, there’s never really a peaceful moment. I think that’s why when I’m like in a car or something, [people are] like, ‘What music do you like to listen to in the car?’ I’m like, ‘Silence.’

“I like pure silence, ’cause our house is crazy, and there’s always people in and out, and it’s just like kind of a hectic lifestyle. But I, I dunno, I like it, I prefer it.”