Juventus put a “not for sale” sign on Dybala

The South American star has been vigorously connected with a move far from Turin, yet the Serie A champions are still looking to keep the young superstar.

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Juventus have repeated that they have no aim of offloading Paulo Dybala, despite Manchester United knocking on the Bianconeri’s door.

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Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Turin has left Dybala in the cold as a result a significant number of European clubs have shown interest in the 25 year old.

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Juve Fabio Paratici said: “The speculation we made four years back and the re-establishment of the agreement is confirmation of this”

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“Dybala is a Juventus player, a significant player for us.”

Dybala himself has likewise tried to subdue the gossipy tidbits by expressing his longing to stay with the Italian title holders.

He has stated: “Paratici realizes what I need to do one year from now to continue playing here.

“Paratici realizes that one year from now I need to continue here. At that point, it doesn’t rely upon me.