Killing a cop must be equal to treason, says Bheki Cele

Police Minister Bheki Cele is concerned about the lightness of the killing of law enforcement officers.

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“My problem is you cannot just kill a police officer as if nothing happened. I am told there are over 2 000 police in Durban but I cannot see them here. You cannot make a cop’s death normal. You cannot just kill two police officers and there is dead silence.”

Cele made an appearance at the memorial service of Zephania Dladla and Nomasonto Mhlanga who were killed on duty on Monday evening while guarding an ANC councilor Moses Zulu’s home in Bhambayi near Phoenix.

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The minister has spoken about how he has been calling for more stronger actions against cop killers.

“I have been making this call and I am not about to stop. It should be treason to murder a police officer.”

He called for better funerals for Metro police officers.

“SAPS gets a better funeral than metro does. Police officers must be police officers wherever they are, whatever job they are doing.”

Cele also called on officers to do their job within the boundaries of the law.

“You must protect the innocent people of SA. If needs be, you must use deadly force. You must do that within the law. If you use this properly, you shall be defended by us [police seniors].”

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The police minister is urging officers to fight against this brutal act.

“We must fight. These officers were just doing their job.”

He also added that officers were not “girls or boys picking thing” from politicians drawers, and should be allowed to do their jobs.

“I am making a call for conditions of our officers to be conducive to do their work. It is their job to look after your life. They are not girls and boys picking things from your drawers or giving you water. Respect these officers.”

Officers made arrests of three suspects on Thursday morning in KwaMashu, and the fourth suspect is reported to be wounded and in hospital under police guard.

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