‘He cheated, so what?’ – Sharon Osbourne

Tackling marriage in the public eye has proven to be a very difficult thing to do for celebrities but Sharon Osbourne has stood the test of time. Even after finding out that her husband cheated on her, she stuck by Ozzy Osbourne’s side.

Sharon found out about Ozzy’s cheating scandals back in 2016 and she called it quits for a little while and the couple got back together soon after.

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On Thursday’s episode of Loose Women, Sharon spoke about the reasons why she ended up back together with her husband despite the cheating scandals. She said, “When you’ve spent 40 years with someone who you absolutely adore, you’ve built a life together, you work together.

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Every single thing about my husband, you know every part of their body and what they really feel about you. Yes, it’s happened a lot with my husband and I feel if he had an emotional attachment to another woman that’s when there is no saving a marriage.”

Being the good wife she is, she continued to shine a light on the goodness her marriage has brought but while at that Jane Moore said that Sharon’s experience and situation “wasn’t normality” with her husband Ozzy being a rockstar, in the sense that people “throw themselves” at rockstars.

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Sharon agreed with Jane, who went on to add that some men might find it “hard to resist”. Many people on social media disagreed with her reasoning but whose life is it after all.