From chilling ‘eGroundini’ to Being a sportscaster, Lindiwe Dube has done great for herself!

Lindiwe Dube’s broadcasting journey started in 2012. Like many other families living in informal settlements, illegal electricity connections were a way of life.

Dube recently celebrated her 30th birthday this past Friday and On Sunday, she received a gift she did not expect- being named as one of the three recipients of the Chairman’s Awards at the PSL Awards.

She realised In 2012 while watching the Afcon final that broadcasting was a career she wanted to pursue. She even told her mother that she would be quitting her job to do so.

After two failed attempts applying to the Y Academy, a YFM internship initiative, the third time she was lucky.

“I just wanted to get my foot in the door. The Y Academy was the launchpad I needed, regardless of it not being a permanent post,” Dube said.

At the academy, she learnt the foundations for her broadcasting career. But when the programme ended in 2014, she was jobless again.

“I slipped into a depression, I would sleep the whole day and my mom would always say ‘Kuzolunga’, and I would ask ‘when exactly?’. She would tell me to pray and be specific in my prayers, I didn’t even have money to buy airtime to apply for jobs,” she said.

And today with her full of life personality, gaining the nickname ‘Bubbles’. she has it’s safe to say she has made it. “I’m a township girl through and through. I was raised by a single mother with my three siblings,” she said

That’s where my influence of sports comes from. I grew up next to a soccer field ‘eGroundini’ and every weekend they would have games and competitions. I lived just behind it so every weekend that’s where we would be,” said the feisty sportscaster.

Dube now mentors girls and is always reminding them that they can be anything they want to. “Our journeys will never be the same. A lot of people don’t know. They see you on TV and think you’re just an overnight success. More than anything I want my story to be told,” Dube said

“I want to inspire the girl-child. If I can grow up in an informal settlement and go on to work with legends, then anything is possible for the girl-child,” Dube ended.