Is Larryngitis an Abuser?

The known Joburg club promoter first came to the public’s attention when he and his dancing crew – The Repertoires became famous for their reality show – Running With The Reps which used to air on Vuzu.

After the reality show ended and the urban dance group members went their separate ways, Larry not only established himself as popular club promoter but also, as an online content creator with two of his friends who went on to create the online content group known as the Microwave Boys.

Since last night, Larry has been trending on social media after his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child – Noxieh accused Larry of being a dead-beat dad and for physically abusing her while she was pregnant with their son.

Noxieh explained that she decided to go public about her toxic relationship with Larry because of the way he has continued to unfairly treat her even after the many things she alleges he has done to her.

People were more shocked when Noxieh shared how became violent towards her while she was five months pregnant with their son. She eventually forgave him and pleaded that he get help, however that did not work.

As expected, social media users have gone into a rage of anger and have called out Larry for his actions.

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Club Taboo where Larry works has since released a statement expressing deep shock at the story that has unravelled about Larry and has encouraged Noxieh to lay charges against him.

Taboo has also confirmed that they have suspended Larry from work with immediate effect.

Larry has not yet said anything since the news broke but only revealed in an Instagram story that yesterday was the saddest day of his life.