Pearl Modiadie Speaks About Her Difficulties In 2018

Many people might look at the lives of celebrities via Instagram and assume that celebrities are living the life, little do you know that when they log out of Instagram and put down their phones, reality settles in for our faves.

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Just like many of us, celebrities go through stressful times, stressful situations that you won’t see being posted on social media.

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However, every now and then celebrities do keep it real with us as best as they can.

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For instance, media personality Pearl Modiadie recently shared how difficult 2018 was for her and how she had to move in with family due to unforeseen changes in her personal life.

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Her tweet read:

The honesty that Pearl shared with her followers was appreciated by many of her followers, these were just some of the uplifting comments that her followers sent her way.

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In 2018, a couple of other celebrities kept it real with their supporters when they took part in the #GramSham trend which was started by TV producer and personality, Jo Lurie who challenged her peers to use the same platform they use to keep up appearances, to be honest with people and share the realities of their lives using the hashtag #TheGramSham.

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Celebrities who took part in #TheGramSham include the likes of Gail Mabalane who also opened up about her insecurities.


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#TheGramSham The truth is … what you don’t see in this pic is … The insecurity. It’s sounds small, but it’s something that affects most areas of our lives. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to deal with insecurity (especially since I’ve been in my industry). Wondering…am I enough? … I’m slowly learning that I DON’T need to fit in…in fact, learning that the plan was never for me to fit in at all. The older I’ve gotten, the more secure I’ve become…& the closer I get to God, the more secure I’ve become in who I am in Him. To every young person reading this, I want to remind you that social media is NOT real life. We are all just here putting our best foot forward. There is A LOT we don’t post. I want to encourage you to find identity in knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose greater than being “accepted” on social media. God’s plan for your life is perfect. I wish, on this #YouthDay, and everyday, you know that you are enough…JUST AS YOU ARE. #FailingForward #ImperfectlyPerfect #HappyYouthDay #TheGramSham @thejolurie

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