Pearl Modiadie Looks Like The Kind Of Woman Who Is Always Mentally Strong

Pearl Modiadie seems like the type of woman who laughs when life starts throwing punches, but she’s only human and also suffers heartaches and difficult times like the rest of us.

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The beautiful entertainer recently shared with her fans that she had her heart broken and was left without a home – she had to live with her sister and then find a hotel to stay in.

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However, instead of feeling sorry for herself, Pearl decided to learn from the experience and shared the lesson she learned with her followers on Twitter. “I was heartbroken this time last year. There was a change of plans in my love life & we had to cancel a property purchase. Setbacks are temporary.” 

Despite the sadness and hardship, she’s been through, Pearl found happiness again. A few months ago, Media reported that she was excited for Valentine’s Day with her bae, who is clearly making her very happy.

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