Man Tweeted That He Still Calls His Late Girlfriend’s Phone

Twitter user Bongani posted: “I still call my dead girlfriend’s phone so I can hear her voice when it goes to voicemail.”

Social media user Ntando Siyotula responded by saying that he used to do something similar. “I used to send her messages on Facebook until not so long ago. Do anything that gives you comfort in knowing that even for a little while here on earth she was yours. Heal.” 

Another user said he also still listens to his late girlfriend’s WhatsApp voice notes. Sue, another Twitter user, said:

“I used to do the same days after mom passed away – until MTN removed her voice record! I was shattered!!! Do whatever helps you heal my brother! And don’t forget to cry, lento yokuthi indoda aykhali is bull, you’re human first before you’re a man! Will keep you in my prayers.”