De Lille Says Undeveloped Land In Northern Cape Can Be Better Used

The Good party highlights the Northern Cape presents a stellar opportunity for the government to roll out better housing for residents.

Party leader Patricia de Lille rolled out their election campaign to the Karoo town of Calvinia on Sunday.

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Visiting the Namaqua district town’s informal settlement of Blikkiesdorp, De Lille said vast undeveloped land in the region can be better utilised.

“There’s enough land here. Now, the other excuse they’re coming up with is that they don’t have water to build; I mean what nonsense; they can bring in the water to build. The people are very disillusioned here; people are tired of the struggling.”

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Good’s Northern Cape premier candidate, Leonard McKay, said that around 200 people live in this community on the outskirts of the town, claiming the party can deliver a better standard of living for the residents forced to live there.

“That have to go outside to the bushes to relieve themselves and that’s unacceptable. After 25 years of democracy, and this is what democracy brings, then we have to be ashamed of it.”

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One resident feels the Good party will make a better alternative government.

“I’m leaving the ANC for Good. I’m leaving the DA for Good. And Aunty Pat is the best choice for our coloureds.”