The Community Of Dundee Devastated By Orange Grove Farm Fire

Orange Grove Dairy and an adjacent packaging factory were destroyed in a fire on Monday 1 April dealing a blow to the economy of Dundee.

The Dairy operators have not been able to determine the cause of the fire which started in the early hours of Monday morning and required the Endumeni Fire Brigade to call for assistance from Newcastle, about 80kms away from the farm.

Sue Durham of Orange Grove told the Northern Kwazulu-Natal Courier: “It took us three years building and renovating the factory which has now been destroyed in one moment. We still have no idea what caused the fire.”

Orange Grove staff were able to move their fleet of trucks to the nearby Rural Horse Riding field safe from the flames.

The Dairy served not only to produce its own milk but operated a processing plant that serviced over forty local farmers.
In a small town like Dundee an operation the size of Orange Grove is one of the biggest employers in the area and this fire is almost certain to have a big impact on their economy.

The owners of the Sneezewood Farm bed and breakfast urged the community to stand with the beleaguered dairy farmers.

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