Andile Ramaphosa Admitted To Being In Business With Bosasa Company

Andile Ramaphosa who is the son of  President Cyril Ramaphosa denies any wrongdoing in his relationship with Bosasa company.

Ramaphosa junior maintains that his hands are clean.His comments come after he was implicated in testimony by former Bosasa COO, Angelo Agrizzi, at the State Capture inquiry.

Andile admitted to being in business with the controversial facilities management company, which is currently being investigated for corruption.The businessman says those involved in the alleged corruption should be held accountable.

Ramaphosa said Dahua had already supplied Bosasa with equipment.”With Dahua’s global standing and expertise we had no reason to doubt their recommendation of AGO. We did not evaluate AGO beyond their technical and operational capabilities, which were impressive.” he said.

Andile said in their “enthusiasm and haste to press ahead”, Blue Crane Capital “overlooked the reputational and other risks posed by AGO and its past business practices”.

“We did not take account of the reports that had surfaced over the years about allegations of wrongdoing. This is something I sincerely regret. It is a massive letdown for me personally and for my company.” says Ramaphosa.

He added: “Over the year or so that the contract was in operation, Blue Crane Capital received a total of around R2m from AGO. Following revelations about AGO’s alleged business practices, we terminated the contract.”

Andile said the money was “not a gift, bribe or a favour” but payment for the work they had done in East Africa.”Our retainer kicked in as we incurred costs for the commencement of the projects. We employ a team of 12 people in Uganda.” he said.

Blue Crane Capital invoiced AGO in final settlement for amounts owing as agreed in the termination letter that was issued in November 2018.

“I have never embarked on a partnership with AGO or any others with corrupt intentions or a desire to subvert the law or due process for monetary benefit” Ramaphosa said.

He added: “I have never used my ‘influence’ in any business dealing. I have never offered to use my ‘influence’ to assist AGO or any other company to secure tenders, nor have I ever been in a position to do so”.

”My company, Blue Crane Capital, has never conducted any business with the government or state-owned entities and has never entered into an obviously conflicted business arrangement within any section of the South African or any other government” Ramaphosa.

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