Which fibre packages give you the best

The same mentality applies to fibre prices and ISPs know this – staggering their pricing in such a way that “just a little bit more money” can get you from a 20Mbps line to a 50Mbps package.

How much you are willing to pay will be influenced by your budget, however, and you will eventually reach a point where a “good deal” is just too expensive.

Going above your budget does have its benefits, though, and taking a small hit financially when it comes to fibre packages can give you exponential speed improvements.

To show you just how much more value for money you get on faster fibre packages compared to slower – and cheaper – alternatives, we have listed the per-Mbps pricing of uncapped fibre accounts from Cool Ideas and Supersonic below.

The pricing is based on the packages available on Openserve and Vumatel infrastructure, and is calculated using the formula of Price/Download Speed.

The table below details the results of the comparison.

Uncapped Fibre Prices
ISP Network Up/Down Price Per-Mbps Price
Supersonic Openserve 10/5 Mbps R699 R69.90
Supersonic Vumatel 10/2 Mbps R699 R69.90
Cool Ideas Vumatel 10/2 Mbps R649 R64.90
Cool Ideas Openserve 20/10 Mbps R999 R49.95
Cool Ideas Openserve 10/5 Mbps R499 R49.90
Supersonic Openserve 20/10 Mbps R949 R47.45
Supersonic Vumatel 20/2 Mbps R879 R43.95
Cool Ideas Vumatel 20/2 Mbps R809 R40.45
Cool Ideas Openserve 40/20 Mbps R1,299 R32.47
Supersonic Openserve 40/20 Mbps R1,199 R29.97
Supersonic Vumatel 50/5 Mbps R1,079 R21.58
Cool Ideas Vumatel 50/5 Mbps R959 R19.18
Supersonic Openserve 100/50 Mbps R1,499 R14.99
Supersonic Vumatel 100/10 Mbps R1,229 R12.29
Cool Ideas Openserve 200/100 Mbps R2,409 R12.04
Cool Ideas Vumatel 100/10 Mbps R1,119 R11.19
Supersonic Openserve 200/100 Mbps R1,749 R8.74
Cool Ideas Vumatel 200/20 Mbps R1,419 R7.09
Supersonic Vumatel 200/20 Mbps R1,379 R6.89
Cool Ideas Vumatel 1,000/100 Mbps R1,499 R1.41